It is the Attitude – Stupid !

How often have we heard stories of people not realizing their potential, of brilliant minds losing their way in the maze of life, outstanding thinkers unable to get a logical hold on their thought processes and manifesting themselves as confused souls, naturally talented and gifted sportsmen losing their way in the pursuit of their basic goals in the labyrinth of a glamourous and dizzying external environment. Examples abound in all fields of human endeavor of people who have exhibited an extraordinary level of intelligence, aptitude and the oft-quoted word “potential” withering by the wayside, living an ignominious existence, consigned as footnotes to the ravages of time -exemplifying themselves as instances of extraordinary talent having been wasted. In the face of umpteen such instances it is commonplace for people to lament on the inability of a particular person to realize his/her potential.

While the factors restricting the ability of a person to realize his/her potential are manifold, many of them being external over which a person may have only limited or notional control, the decisive character that distinguishes the winner from the also rans, between people who flower to the full extent of their potential to those who wither by the wayside is that eight letter word – “ATTITUDE”. It is not for nothing that it is not only said but widely recognized and appreciated, “it is your attitude that determines your altitude.”

It is your attitude defined by your response and reaction to situations, persons, places or things that determines your altitude – the extent to which you can realize your potential and the extent of success that you can achieve. It is only this attitude which will make you aware of your inbuilt specific potential, give you the confidence to attain success and the fortitude to deal with it and handle failure and the umpteen situations/circumstances that may come in its wake with resilience. All these factors coupled with hard work and a capacity to endure and assimilate both the internal and external environment are factors that would determine your success. Your attitude can make the critical difference between success and failure, fame and ignominy, recognition or apathy.

Of course crucial to realizing one’s own potential is also the ability to try and have the self-belief to do well. Here I am reminded of the words of the legendary British Decathlete Daley Thompson, who in a career, spanning almost a decade and a half had made a habit off setting new world records a part of his routine when he says- “It would be nice to be remembered as the greatest, but it is in my own mind that I need to know that I have done well”. The self-belief and confidence that you have in your ability to do well is directly proportional to the ability to realize your potential and the degree of success that you will achieve. After all, in the end, it is always a question of “ATTITUDE”.


  • kapil gupta

    A German visited a Temple where he saw a Sculptor making an Idol of GOD…
    He noticed a similar Idol lying nearby…
    asked the Sculptor,
    “Do You need Two Statues of the same Idol?”
    “No,” said the Sculptor,
    “We need only One, but the first one got Damaged at the last Stage…”
    The Gentleman
    examined the Idol and found no apparent Damage…
    “Where is the Damage?” he asked.
    “There is a Scratch on the Nose of the Idol.” said the Sculptor, still busy with his Work….
    “Where are You going to install the Idol?”
    The Sculptor replied that it would be
    installed on a
    Pillar Twenty feet High…
    “If the Idol is that far who is going to know that there is a Scratch on the Nose?”
    the Gentleman asked.
    The Sculptor stopped Work, looked up at the Gentleman, Smiled and said, “I Will Know it…”

  • dr.harigopal

    Thanks for provoking to think aloud. attitude too has its altitude as well as latitude. altitude links you to your destiny and latitude anchors to your opportunity in life . I have just finished reading about the life of ramanujam his altitude was linked to divinity but his latitude was linked to prof. hardy of England. every successful has a predestined altitude otherwise he would never have been successful but the latitude is prescribed by social environments . sum total is the summation of both dimensions . positive attitude is most difficult to sustain while negative attitude is in abundance . choice makes the differecent in attitudes. thanks

  • Brijendra K Syngal

    It is the ATTITUDE, which defines Better than the Best performer, whether it is Daley Thompson or the Sculptor. The need to strive for whether perfection or excellence.

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