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“Coming together is a beginning – Working together is success”

Continuing with the practice of exchange of views, we shall this time dwell on the importance of team spirit and joint and unified action in an organization and how it accelerates the path to rapid development and sustained and prolonged success. Team Sports, such as Football, Cricket and Hockey demonstrate, in no small measure, the importance of team spirit and coordinated action.

To understand the importance of team spirit it would be worthwhile to reproduce the following words of legendary American Entrepreneur, Businessman and thinker Heny Ford:-

“Coming together is a beginning

Keeping together is progress

Working together is success”

The above quotation has been adopted by the Liverpool Football Club as its credo and is prominently displayed in the dugouts of the players as a constant reminder as to what effective team work can achieve and is amply demonstrated in its achievements over a period of time. A Recent and contemporary example of what team spirit/team work can achieve is the achievement of the Australian Cricket Team under the successive Captains Allan Border and Steve Waugh who demonstrated as to how the talents and capabilities of a group of extremely talented individuals can be harnessed magnified in an atmosphere of complete coordination and team-spirit. This fact is also further exemplified by achievements of the Indian Cricket Team under successive Captains Saurav Ganguly and MS Dhoni. On the contrary, lack of effective team sprit has severely undermined the achievements of the Pakistan Cricket Team wherein a bunch of otherwise extremely talented individuals has not been able to achieve sustained success, owing to the absence of proper coordinated action and team spirit.

Let us all make a concerted effort to further accelerate our movement in this direction so as to accelerate our path and further exponentially magnify our success.

To conclude, I would like to refer to the words of Benjamin Franklin, which were repeatedly drilled into me by my father when he said â€Ŕthere is no limit to what can be accomplished if it does not matter as to who get the credit”. These words embody the fact that team spirit and concerted action, by working on and accentuating individual strengths can accelerate and sustain the path of progress and success.

We all are already commendably contributing our bit to the strength, vitality and growth of the organization. Let us continue our efforts with sustained vigour and enthusiasm to further enhance the name of our organization as one embodying the highest standards of professional excellence.

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