The Inevitable

I have just finished reading two books written by Christopher Reeve titled “Still me” and “Nothing is Impossible” For those of us who might not know, Christopher Reeve was a legendary Hollywood actor who portrayed “SUPERMAN” in many movies and whose depiction of stunt and action scene stretched the limits of human capability and achievements to stratospheric heights. He, unfortunately, suffered life-threatening injuries in an accident suffered from a fall on a horse back which severely crippled him and left him dependent of life- support system for the rest of his life. These two books chronicle his life and his struggle and efforts in trying to cope with the trauma of major (to put it mildly) injuries and the subsequent rehabilitation process. He passed away in 2004.

At one stage, while discussing his process of rehabilitation, and the difficulties and frustrations encountered therein the writes of the various stages as follows:-

At first something seems impossible, then it becomes probable; but with enough conviction and support it finally becomes “inevitable”

The above seemingly simple but inherently thought provoking words exemplify the various stages one encounters when in difficulty. Whether personal or professional or emotional, mental or physical. Such situations arise in our professional lives quite frequently whether it is while interpreting a tax issue or finalizing accounts and determining the applicability of accounting standards etc. In such situations if we keep in mind the above words our progress and work would not only be easier and faster but also much more enjoyable. Sustained and formal attention and devotion to a task can lead to a seemingly impossible target becoming probable and eventually inevitable.

With my best wishes and profound regards for everybody. May all of you find success “inevitable”

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